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WPUF My Account Custom Menu
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MM Aurangajeb

How to add a custom section-menu on WPUF Account page

In this short article, I will show how to add a custom post type menu over the WPUF My Account Page. If you are using WP User Frontend Plugin then you will notice that by default WPUF will only let you allow to show the default WordPress posts over the My Account page However, if you want to show the custom post types like Product, Events over the My Account page then how to do that? Well, to do that you can inject this snippets on your theme/child-theme’s functions.php file to show the associated custom post types Menu/Tab over the

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MM Aurangajeb

A day with Prezi Presentation – How to make a professional Presentation

Previously I was known about Prezi but never get a chance to present something with Prezi. Finally, today I got a chance to do some workaround with Prezi. It was undoubtedly an amazing tool to get started with a creative presentation. Yes, it’s true that it may take some time to cope with its Topics, Sub-Topics, Points however once you can catch the techniques you are ready to climb-up 😀 To be very honest, I was struggling to finalize/choose my tool to make a creative presentation while I’m also looking for an alternative kit rather than Powerpoint or Google Slide. That’s

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