WordPress Site Optimization – A minimal guideline to make it happen!

WordPress Site Optimization is always a nightmare to most us.

Why Is Site Speed Matters?

A Fast Website Keeps Users Happy (and Grows Conversions). Around 85 percent of users expect sites to load in less than 3 seconds. A slow site can negatively affect user experience, bounce rate, SEO, and overall conversions.
According to a study, a tolerable page load time is about 02 seconds. However, adding a preloader can increase tolerate able waiting time significantly.

More than 40 percent of people will abandon the page before it even loads when it exceeds 03 seconds.

So in such circumstances, page/site speed does matter.


In this Canva Presentation, I focused on the most crucial parts, which points are flagged by Google Page Inshigts & GTMetrix to measure the site speed and present how we can improve those suggested points optimization.

I hope this will helps.

MM Aurangajeb
MM Aurangajeb

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